Lightweight pallets

The perfect loadcarrier for transport taxed by weight

SmartFlow, manufacturer of plastic pallets, is mainly known for its strong competitiveness, passion for innovation and customer care.


Lightweight pallets are more and more used in the retail industry. These lightweight pallets offer the advantage to be nestable, so you can put a lot more in a truck and you safe a lot of money ans space in storage. In warehouses a lot of women are working and these lightweight pallets offer a big ergonomic advantage comparing to wooden pallets which are at least 3 to 4 times heavier then plastic pallets.
Plastic pallets offer also the advantage of having a constant weight. So you can store them outside in all weather conditions, there will be no difference after raining on it or snowing on it. Due to the holes in the feet of this lightweight pallets the water can be evacuated .

Lightweight pallets
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