Our SF 600 Pool plastic pallet can have a double function in the retail : logisitics & display use.

plastic pallet distribution



Our plastic pallets and collars in use in the electronic manufacturing.

plastic pallet electronics



Our nestable pallets are often used as an alternative for the wooden pallets

plastic pallet export

Air freight


Our lightweight pallets are the perfect loadcarrier for transport taxed by weight.

plastic pallet air freight



In the retail business, our nestable pallets are used for multiway applications because of the ergonomical reasons and space - transport reducing benefits.

plastic pallets retail



Our hygienic pallets are often used in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. The pallets can be easily cleaned and are used in “cleanroom” areas.

hygiene pallet

Display applications


The SF 400 L pallet is often used as a display in shopping areas

plastic pallet display

Tripbox / Automotive


Our “Tripboxmultiway packaging in different sizes is used in the automotive industry as well as in the packaging industry.

plastic pallet tripbox
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