About us

Who are we? 

Smart-Flow is a Belgian based company specialised in the production and development of plastic pallets and other material handling products for logistical resources.
From our strategic location in Mouscron, we export products all across Europe, from Scandinavia to southern Europe and from Ireland over UK to Eastern Europe.
We can rely on more than 25 years’ experience. As a result, we are able to offer a full range of logistics solutions for our customers in various industries.

Manufacturer of plastic pallet

Manufacturer of plastic pallet


Smart-Flow works closely with its customers and listens carefully to their needs. Our plastic pallets fully comply with their expectations and the competitive market conditions.


Our products are Belgian-made. We constantly strive to be innovative, competitive and customer-focused.



Our strenghts

Our competitiveness, our drive for innovation and our customer-focus are the pillars on which we build.





Smart-Flow's equipment is highly automated and robotised. This allows us to offer a competitive range that meets our customers’ needs.



Our internal R&D department develops new products. At the request of customers, it also develops specific tailor-made solutions, continuously expanding our product range.

Customer Care


We are customer-focused, right from product development all the way to our after-sales service. We are eager to help our customers.




Our products are fully recyclable and reusable, as Smart-Flow strives to contribute to the environment. This starts with our raw materials, which are carefully selected. And when products reach the end of their lifecycle, we take them back and crush the material to reuse it in our recycled plastic pallets.

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