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New video about the Smart Dolly Pack

In our latest video we would like to show you the many parts and benefits of the Smart Dolly Pack, which was developed to increase the speed of deliveries and in-store supplies. The Smart Dolly Pack is easy to handle thanks to its handy size of 600x800 mm. For extra comfort, it has polyurethane wheels that minimise noise.


Smart-Flow wants to remain at the forefront of progress and is investing in a new machine to replace an old one dating from 2012.



Smart-Flow presents the Smart Dolly Pack

With dimensions 600x800mm, the new solution, which is mobile, foldable and lockable, can be combined with boxes, a sleeve and a lid depending on the desired height and volume. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the Smart Dolly Pack has been developed to speed up the restocking of products on the shelves of food retailers. The modular unit is composed of a foldable sleeve, a lid and a rolling base mounted on two wheels with a centralized brake system. A base that can accommodate 600x400mm and 400x300mm boxes to create its own storage module. This saves storage space and reduces transport costs.

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One of our customers went for a huge improvement of their storage space. Thanks to our Smart Sleeve Pack, they once again have an overview of their stock, neatly stored. Unlike in the past, dust doesn't stand a chance and damage to or loss of their products is a thing of the past.

The before- and after pictures speak for themselves, right?

Hygienic pallets (SF800HYG & SF1000HYG) in colours

Our hygienic pallets are now available in multiple colours. Our standard range consists of the colours blue, orange, green, red, grey and white. Other colours are available upon request. 

USP’s “Smart Sleeve Pack”

  • Foldable pallet box 1200 x 800 mm
  • Transport and storage reduction
    • Unfolded and folded
    • Reduction volume
    • Space reduction
  • Foldable
  • Palletbase with skids / most systems on market are with 9 feet – eventually clipsed skids
  • Reusable system
  • Recyclable
  • Easy installing and folding
  • Sleeve can be locked on pallet and can be locked on lid
  • Lid locked on the pallet when unit is folded (stable and proper units)
  • All parts are related (one unit is easier to handle) pal + sleeve + lid
  • Closed topdeck pallet
  • Flexibility of height in sleeves
  • With or without dropdoor
  • Personalisation possible
  • labelholder possible
  • Light and robust
  • Pallet can be reinforced by 3 metal bars to increase racking load
  • Markets :
    • Automotive
    • Packaging – plastic trays
    • Electronics
    • Pharma
    • Logistics
    • retail / Textile
    • plastic Industry
  • Alternative to metal cages


Caracteristics techical:

  • Stacking capacity : 1600 kg
  • Stacking ratio 1 + 4 = 1600 kg
  • Folded units = 1 stack = 1 + 8


New lightweight nestable Pallet ( SF 1000 NL)

  • Dimension : 1200 x 1000 x 125 mm
  • Nestable pallet with a weight of 5,4 kg
  • Made of recycled HDPE
  • Standard colour : black
  • Clipsable skids are available optionally
  • Available with or without rim
  • Loading capacity
    • Static : 1000 kg
    • Dynamic : 500 kg
  • Fully recycable pallet
  • Personalisation possible
  • Standard quantity per stack : 60 pallets


Freezer spacer

  • Available in 1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Economical & efficient
  • Reduce freezing time
  • Save energy
  • Increase production capacity
  • Increase freezing capacity
  • Maintain quality & taste of products
  • Easy to clean
  • Nestable
  • Maximum and fast air penetration
  • 100 % recyclable

New lightweight nestable Pallet (SF 800 NL)

  • Dimension : 1200 x 800 x 125 mm
  • Nestable pallet with a weight of 4,7 kg
  • Made of recycled HDPE
  • Standard colour : black
  • Clipsable skids are available optionally
  • Available with or without rim
  • Loading capacity
    • Static : 1000 kg
    • Dynamic : 500 kg
  • Fully recycable pallet
  • Personalisation possible
  • Standard quantity per stack : 60 pallets

Plastic Pallet NESTABLE & RACKABLE (SF 800 MNR)

  • Nestable Pallet WITH skids
  • One piece moulded pallet
  • Nestable : 50 % more empty pallets in a truck = 1056 pallets
  • Dimension : 1200 x 800 x 150 mm
  • Hygienic & Clean
    • Easy to clean
    • Doesn’t absorb liquid
  • Pallet 100 % recyclable
  • Available with 7 or 22 mm rim
  • Optional : metal reinforcement possible
  • Weight :
    • 10,2 kg for the standard version è 350 kg racking load
    • 12,2 kg for the reinforced version è 600 kg racking load
  • Personalisation possible

Smart Euro Plastic Pallet 1200 x 800 mm (SF 800 PES)

  • Plastic Euro pallet 800 x 1200 x 150 mm
  • For medium and heavy weight loads
  • Light and ergonomical alternative for the wooden euro pallet
  • Constant weight : 11 kg
  • No weight difference due to humidity
  • One piece moulded pallet , very robust
  • For heavy weight loads, possibility to reinforce by 3 metal bars
  • 500 kg racking load without metal bars / 900 kg racking load with metal bars
  • Due to the rounded corners less possibilies for damage
  • Without or with rim (7 or 22 mm)
  • Optional antislip pads can be placed on the topdeck or the underdeck of the pallet
  • 2 special openings to allow easy stretchwrapping
  • 100 % recycable
  • Personalisation possible with logo or name
  • Recessed zone for RFID or barcode









Smart Retail Pallet (SF 800H)

  • New generation of nestable pallets
  • 1200 x 800 mm size
  • Multiway pallet for heavy loads but nestable
  • 10 times more rotations
  • Pallet with 9 rounded feet which avoid easy breakage of the feet due to fork impacts in handling
  • Well rounded and reinforced corners
  • Very stable pallet for heavy loads
  • Higher loading capacity then the traditional nestable pallets on the market, 1000 kg dynamic
  • Unstacking can be doen from 4 sides
  • 2 openings forseen to attach plastic film for wrapping the load
  • High level of nestability
  • Personalisation possible with name or logo
  • Recessed zone for RFID or barcode
  • 100 % recyclable
  • The ideal nestable pallet for heavy weights and for intensive or multi rotation use



Hygienic pallet (SF 800 HYG & SF 1000 HYG)

  • Completely closed pallet
  • Closed topdeck and closed underdeck
  • Available in 1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 mm
  • With or without rim
  • Made of virgin HDPE material
  • Available in different colours
  • The 1200 x 1000 mm size is available with 3 or 5 runners
  • Heavy multiway pallet
  • Can be used internally in factories as in rotation loops
  • The standard in the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Racking capacity between 1000 kg and 1250 kg , depending on the size
  • 100 % recyclable



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